Introducing RESULTS, the simple yet revolutionary innovation in therapy charting.

RESULTS is designed to be easy to install and easy to use and improve your progress note charting. But most importantly, it helps you be a better therapist.



10 reasons YOU should try RESULTS :


1. RESULTS is web-based and web-based is better. It is easy to install because there is nothing to install. Just create an account. RESULTS works on Windows and Mac, laptops, tablets, even smart phones so you can work anywhere


2. RESULTS is secure. Everything is encrypted. No lost files, no worries about lost client data. And RESULTS is HIPAA compliant.


3. RESULTS is easy to learn and easy to use. If you can browse a web-site, you can use RESULTS. And we will make it better. Feedback from you will tell us how to improve it. And updates and new features happen automatically.


4. RESULTS includes questionnaires you can use with your clients. Right now it includes a100 symptom and a 15 symptom rating questionnaire covering more than a dozen areas including ADD, Anxiety, Anger, PTSD, Pain, Sleep and Substance Abuse. It is meant to be administered from a tablet. And it is free, no fee per use and scoring is automatic. Plus the these questionnaires are easily modified and you can create your own.


5. RESULTS makes it easy to track progress. Use RESULTS to make a list of client concerns and then track their progress at every session. Results are immediately displayed and patterns of improvement, plateau and even deterioration are quickly seen.


Progress Tracker

6. Use RESULTS to test the impact of what you do. Create a list of interventions, protocols, assignments, medications, etc. whose impact you want to measure. Simply “tag” a session to show when you introduced this intervention and see if your client reported a difference.


7. RESULTS makes it easy to keep progress notes and psychotherapy notes. Use whatever format you choose. And with the new tablets, you can dictate your notes or make your entries while in session. And chart notes can be printed or emailed with a few clicks.


8. RESULTS promotes professional improvement. It is easy to assume that we are doing great. Getting routine progress tracking from clients and integrating it with protocol tracking is the path to becoming a better therapist.


9. RESULTS also includes a Feedback Questionnaire where clients rate the session along 3 key therapeutic variables: therapy relationship, focus of session, fit of approach. Discussing the rating and making adjustments has been shown to improve therapy outcomes.


10. RESULTS promotes innovation. At RESULTS we believe that one of the most promising resources for innovation in therapy will come from practicing clinicians. Smart, educated and dedicated we are well prepared to ask questions, collect answers and communicate our results while helping our clients. With RESULTS that can now be possible. Will you join us??